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The Chicken Incident

A loud, strange, and eery sound made its way from around the corner. What the crap was that? It almost sounded like a... What?! No... It couldn't be...

You *thought* you liked Chinese food

Ever been to China? Like, real China? Let me tell you that it is awesome. Most everything, that is, except for the food.

The Ten Rules of the Divorce Club

There is a club that very few people make it into, and it's called the Divorce Club. The club is elite. It discriminates against...

My difficult confession

I am about to send a letter to somebody that I betrayed in the past. It's not easy for me to do, and I was hoping that you could tell me if you think...

Other people’s boogers

Today's topic has been heavily debated in my personal circle for many years. What is the absolute grossest bodily yuck? For me, it's definitely other people's boogers.

You said WHAT to your kid?!

What is something you've said to your child that you NEVER thought you would? Readers sent in their answers and they've had me ROFLMFO ever since.

Grandmas Say the Darndest Things!

Old people. They sure say a lot of funny things that you or I could never get away with.

The Most Expensive 33 Cents Ever

I got some "free money." Thirty-three cents to be exact. And it ended up costing me a pretty penny. No pun intended.

Wow… THAT is embarrassing

I asked a simple question here on the Facebook wall: what was your most embarrassing moment. Here are some of your eye-squintingly amazing responses.

Not so awesome emails.

I have to giggle from time to time at some of the emails I get from people who obviously have never read Single Dad...

Caught in my Underwear

As a bachelor, it is my privilege... nay... make that my duty to walk around the house in my underwear. Even so, I don't do it nearly...

My pet pig turned out not to be a pet pig...

Doesn't every kid need a pet pig hangin' out around the house? Hmmm... in hindsight, maybe not. At least not if that pig isn't quite what you think he is...

My kid is missing!

It was late at night, and I went to check on my son several hours after putting him to bed... And he was missing. I searched the entire house. He was definitely gone.

You said WHAT to your kid?

Oh man. You know what we haven't done in FAR too long? A "You said WHAT to your kid?" post. Am I right? Today...

Finding Messy

We've been hard at work here at Single Dad Laughing. Hard at work, that is, being overly silly and dorky. With all the hiking...

Backwards Undies

Part of Noah's increased independence is putting on his own clothes, no matter how inconvenient it is for Dad to wait for him. Underwear,...

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A Contest of Parental Superiority

Yep, I shared a picture of my kid (and my iPad) covered in puke. Most parents took it in stride. Some parents used it as an opportunity to be superior.
Dan and Eric Pearce

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A Knock Like That is *Never* Something Good

I’m still shaking off the willies and my heart is still pounding from this one...

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