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Our Not-Too-Crazy Turned-Real-Crazy hike

Once upon a time, while Noah was with his mom for the weekend, I went with several friends to go hiking to some waterfalls....

Lessons from MY dad

I won't lie. I still have no idea what I'm doing in the blogging world. Before I started SDL, I had never read more...

Saturday’s Heroes – Carissa

Carissa. She is and always will be my greatest inspiration and number one hero. She is my sister. She died a few years ago....

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Making Giant Men Squirm

A giant of a man suddenly became so grossed out that he left the grocery store. A giant of a man myself, I had to see what spooked him. That was my first mistake.

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Either Get Beside Me or Get Run Over!

There are these people in your life who are more or less *ruining* your life. Problem is, you don't know it because they have a smile on their faces...

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