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Trapped within the Walls of a Guarded Heart

After my divorce in 2010, there wasn’t much left of me that could still be considered intact. My thoughts were obscured and darkened. My laughter gone. My eyes no longer moist. My tears were all spent trying to save the marriage. I had none left, it seemed, to...

The worst pain you’ve ever experienced

Do you remember my post My Pain Can Beat Up Your Pain? In it, I talked about how incredibly fun kidney stones are (which...

My pain can beat up your pain

I have a very serious question to pose... at what point can people just agree that one person's pain is just as bad as...

Torturers. Protectors. Brothers.

I have three brothers. Outsiders might watch us and think we're sadistic, ridiculous, immature idiots. But we're so much more than the abuse we constantly dish out to each other.

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“Come on, Dan. What’s Up With The Long Hair?”

It's really unimportant, but okay. These are the probably very unexpected reasons this clean-cut blonde man you knew has drastically changed the way he looks...

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Epic People Watching – The Old Couple’s Make-Out Gauntlet

The old man must have been 85. At least. His wife, not far behind him in years. And I watched as they blocked an aisle of the grocery store and had a little fun every time someone passed.

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