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Not so awesome emails.

I have to giggle from time to time at some of the emails I get from people who obviously have never read Single Dad...

Early Bird Gets the Boot in the Face

You know... I really love camping. But there is one thing that drives me crazy while I'm camping, and it seems like no matter...

Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Single

En EspañolWell, once again I asked you for some awesome material for a blog post, and you delivered! The question I put on the...

The lost archives: Post Office Blues

As I was digging deep into Google to put together a post called "The Real Dan Pearce" (which I believe is posting next week),...

Password Nazis

Okay, time for a small, yet overly necessary rant.What is up with the freakin' password Nazis?! Forget loving the bullies when it comes to...

GASP! Nyquil to your kid?!

Haha, it's time for some serious fun around here, so why not a bonus post today!I think it's funny how the more popular Single Dad...

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155 All-New “Wrong Numbers”

Once again, I randomly texted strangers with a simple question. "What’s the #1 most awesome thing that makes you so awesomely… you?" Their replies were amazing.

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We all want a happily ever after. We want to know what eternity looks like. But this is why that was really hurting me, and the irony I learned about it.

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