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Other people’s boogers

Today's topic has been heavily debated in my personal circle for many years. What is the absolute grossest bodily yuck? For me, it's definitely other people's boogers.

Caught in my Underwear

As a bachelor, it is my privilege... nay... make that my duty to walk around the house in my underwear. Even so, I don't do it nearly...

Backwards Undies

Part of Noah's increased independence is putting on his own clothes, no matter how inconvenient it is for Dad to wait for him. Underwear,...

Crying and Blogging

WARNING: Today is a Single Dad Ranting post. Come back tomorrow if you want fluffy bunnies and butterflies.CRYING AND BLOGGINGI've spent 30 years trying...

Marley & Me

A little while back I was at the gym, and I cranked up Marley & Me on my iPod while I attempted to elliptical my...

I’m gonna kick your butt so hard

Noah and I have this game that we play, and we've been playing it since before he was even three years old. It's called...

The Great Laundry Fiasco

Laundry as a bachelor is a little different than laundry as a married fellow. Mostly due to the long periods of blissful nudity involved...

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Heart. Melted. Meet My New Nephew Grant. He Has Dwarfism.

My nephew Grant is one of my favorite people in the world. Their family made this video about his dwarfism (and his heart). My heart... Melted. Please watch.

An Unlikely Friend

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