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Butterfly Kisses

This will always be one of my favorite, cutest, and funniest dad moments. And the best part was… my sister happened to be standing there with her camera!

The French Guy

When I was married, we got lost on a road trip to Paris. My wife got very flustered because she couldn't communicate with a French Guy. And then, he taught her one of the greatest lessons ever.

In honor of Carissa

Today is the three-year anniversary of my little sister's death. Her name was Carissa, and she was the most beautiful woman I've known. In...


I glance over at the mirror next to the front door. Sweat pants. Wrinkled Tee. My hair is a mess. It was the same yesterday....

My Mad Wrinkle

The other morning I was jolted awake, my beauty rest carelessly interrupted as 33 lbs. of four-year-old came barreling down on top of me,...

Time vs. the Worthless Heart

A heavy and different look at my failed marriages, and the way time (and my race against it) played a giant role in them ending...

Dancing with the Homeless

Christmas afternoon some friends and I headed down to the homeless district in downtown Salt Lake City for a day of dancing.

Noah’s traumatization

My panic was growing. "Daddy, get it out! GET IT OUT!" Tears were streaming down his face...

My dancing black duck

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a black duck, and it's dancing. I've always wanted to be one of "those guys" on the dance floor. You know, the guys whose bodies magically pop and glide to the music?

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Why do you believe what you believe?

Why do people believe what they believe? It surprises me how many people believe in something without ever really knowing why they believe it...

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

For the First Time

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Here I go. I'm putting myself out there to see if I can land a hot date. Here is my online dating profile. Send me a message if you're interested!

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