The Deleted Scene from Friends that I Somehow Never Saw

Another awesome video shared with you by Single Dad Laughing...

Well, I got *super* excited when I saw this video come across Facebook, being that I have loved Friends from the beginning and have missed themĀ everĀ since it ended.

This is a deleted scene, which never aired. Reason? It was set to run in the weeks immediately following 9-11. And since it’s about planes, and bombs, and hijackers… Yeah. That’s probably okay.

Anyway, I got all excited. And then I was like, dang this is low resolution, so I went off in search of a much higher resolution image, only to find that this video has been on Facebook since 2007! Hahaha. How I missed it, I don’t know, but it’s new to me so I’m sharing it anyway since it may be new to some of you, too!

“I know the sign says ‘no jokes about bombs,’ but shouldn’t the sign really say, ‘NO BOMBS?'”

And now I think I’m going to go binge watch a few episodes.

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Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing



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