The Incredible V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphone


Worth it?
Incredible sound. Stylish. Compact. Durable. In-line microphone and remote. Customizable. Just about everything.
Price may be a deterrent for some.

Absolutely worth it. It is refreshing to see such a stellar product released.


MSRP: $299.

Okay, here’s my official review from a guy who isn’t an expert on all things audio, but who just loves and appreciates incredible sound when he hears it.

I’ve tried a lot of different headphones in my day, and it’s been years since anything put out what I consider better sound quality than my Bose headphones. V-MODA challenged me to try their Crossfade M-100 Headphones and put them to the test. And I can honestly say that for sound, look, and feel, they win.

But let’s start with looks and functionality, shall we? The M-100s are so incredibly sexy, but they’re more than that. They are made to take a pounding and be none the worse for wear. Everything from the body, to the ear cups, to the cables are sturdy and incredibly well-built. There’s no doubt that a lot of time was put into making a truly superb headphone.

They also collapse into an incredibly small amount of space for the size and quality of headphone that they are. That is a huge plus for me. I don’t like carrying around huge clunky headphones with me everywhere I go.


They are light-weight (only 280g), and the side shields are customizable via the V-MODA website. I was sent the black ones, and immediately had to order red shields to make it look as sexy as I see in all the pictures. Still waiting for them to get here.

As for sound, it is perhaps the best sound I have heard from a headphone in this price range, ever. Rich, powerful, consuming bass accompanies such distinct, crisp, and beautiful higher frequencies. You don’t have to know anything about audio to completely appreciate the engineering that went into producing quality sound like this. You really have to put on a pair to experience it. They don’t overdo the bass (thankfully), they deliver impeccable tones for your tunes.

After taking their challenge, I’d recommend the M-100s over my Bose headphones (except in situations where you need more strict noise-canceling). I can honestly give this product my full recommendation.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing