The Top Ten Perks of Being a Big Blogger

A free trip to Universal Studios. Another awesome perk of big blogging.

When I started Single Dad Laughing, I didn’t have any plans to be a big blogger. I was working a highly salaried job as a business executive and the thought of making money through blogging never even crossed my mind. Within weeks of starting the blog, I realized that I could probably make a few bucks here and there. Two months after that, I quit my job and decided to chase my writing dreams.

At that point, I wasn’t making much of anything blogging. In fact, I had decided to keep ads off of my site while I grew my blog. I felt that I’d do much better advertising myself and my blog (with my best webpage real estate) than I would making pennies advertising for others. It was all one giant leap of faith, especially considering the traffic I was getting.

Making money blogging is not the easiest thing, and to make an entire living off of ad-space is nearly impossible. But what I would learn in almost no time at all was that there were a whole lot of different opportunities that came outside of selling ads. My gamble to make myself the most valuable thing on my blog began paying off.

The following list is just a handful of the fun perks that come with having a big blog. In three or four months I’ll probably be able to completely rewrite this entire list with new perks. Every day new opportunities are offered to me, and every day I enjoy the thrill of seeing where it will all take me next.

As I mentioned on my home page, you don’t have to have anywhere near as much traffic or anywhere near as big a following to enjoy the perks of big blogging. You just have to get out there and get as big as you possibly can. The rest starts falling into place on its own.

The Top Ten Perks of Being a Big Blogger

  1. You have an “in” with book agents if you have dreams of publishing a book. Good agents like authors who already have a platform in place.
  2. You have an “in” with book publishers if you want to pursue publishing. Getting an agent is only half the battle. Selling your salability to a book publisher is a whole different beast. There is no doubt about it, publishers look a lot closer at authors who have a following already.
  3. You get free stuff. And a lot of it is awesome. I’ve gotten very expensive gadgets, appliances, and doo-dads from companies like Cuisinart, Logitech, Bissell, Shun, and iHome.
  4. Your followers get free stuff. These same companies freely donate their awesome products for you to give away to your followers. It’s always good to pay it forward to those people who make it all possible for you!
  5. You get to be on TV and Radio. I’ve had many radio and television stations have me on for interviews. It’s exciting to say the least.
  6. You get business opportunities thrown your way when you least expect them. Just yesterday I was offered a sponsorship by Land O’ Frost Meat Company to be a contributor on their parenting blog. Lots of companies are starting to recruit good bloggers and they pay a nice little chunk for each post you do for them!
  7. You can trade people exposure for awesome things. I’m currently working on a trade for a very expensive cat. My cost: $0. It’s a win-win situation for both of us because the breeder would get constant exposure as I blog about the funny things my cat does while always pointing people to her site.
  8. You get to meet and talk to movie stars. Just last weekend I got to meet and interview Russell Brand, James Marsden, and Kalie Cuoco. Brand even kissed me on the cheek. I have yet to wash it.
  9. You get to meet incredible people. It’s always weird when people first start recognizing you in public. I am constantly getting to know some pretty awesome people who recognize me and flag me down for a quick hi or a picture.
  10. You get to have a blast as you make your living. What if the only thing you almost ever had to worry about was how to make anything fun enough to entertain your readers?
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Some people thought I was crazy not immediately chasing down the financial side of the blog. I always held to my guns and said, I want to build this thing so that opportunity will be abundant and so that it will come to me. Eventually, it all came true.

You will have a blast if you work to make your blog big, and you’ll love where it takes you. Just don’t get discouraged if it takes a little while to get there. For most bloggers, it does take a few years of dedication to start seeing the perks that I’ve listed above. But once the opportunities start flowing, they seem to start opening up for them everywhere.
Why do I share this list of perks with you? Is it to gloat about my awesome life? Heavens no! It’s because I believe most people don’t know what they can actually expect if they work to make their blog bigger. Blogging is fun, and I wish a lot more people could experience some of the fun that comes with it. Maybe this top ten list will give you that needed push to actually dive in and make it happen!

The money part of the actual blogging is new for me, and it’s something that I’ll be learning as I go. The perks, though… they’re there whether you’re making money or not!

Dan Pearce, Will Work 4 Followers

PS. I’m sure many of you have already seen some awesome perks to blogging. What are they and what perks do you look forward to someday having?