The Truth Box is Open – Parents Only


Everybody has a truth that other people don’t know about. Everybody. Some people’s truths revolve around something that happened in the past. Other truths revolve around a person’s real feelings about life, love, religion, or relationships. Other secret truths exist in our fears.

And, many revolve around parenting. There is rarely a parent that doesn’t have a pocket full of memories that they never tell others for whatever reason they have.

I have lots of truths that nobody knows about. Feelings that I haven’t discussed or shared with anybody. Things from the past that I keep secret. Fears that I let hurt people at times. And, yep, some of them do involve parenting

We keep these truths from our friends, family, lovers, children, neighbors, and strangers for lots of reasons. We fear the judgment of others. We fear the consequences. We fear the labels that may be placed on us if anybody were ever to know.

But what if I were to share my biggest parenting truths and secrets with all of you? What if each of you were to share your biggest parenting truths and secrets? What if everybody were to share their biggest parenting truths and secrets? What if the normal, everyday, good people of this world were to share their biggest parenting truths and secrets for everyone to see?


I believe that every parent has these truths and secrets and that those truths involve two parts. The embarrassing thing we’ve done as a parent. And, the reason we’ve never told anyone.

What is your parenting truth? Share it in this form, and I will share it with everyone. I don’t want your name. It doesn’t record your IP address or anything like that. I don’t ask for your email. There’s no way to tie it to you. Just a couple of boxes. Truth boxes.

The embarrassing thing I did as a parent:

Why I've never told anyone:

I’ll anonymously tell you all one of my parenting truths if you’ll tell me yours. Call me crazy, but I bet we’ll all feel a little more normal when we realize just how human we all are.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing