Human Pass to be Thrilled (Funny Version)

    This Human Pass is from The Human Pass App, a smart phone app I created to let people send amazing heartfelt or funny “passes” to those they love on days when they can use it most. Because… sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that it’s okay to be human.

    • It's always free to send a Basic Human Pass!

      I really wanted everyone to be able to send a basic Human Pass for free, any time they like, to anyone they like, so I included five free Human Passes to choose from. Additional packs of Human Passes can be added for less than a buck.

    • Human Passes are for every type of relationship.

      Whether you’re sending Human Passes to your lovers, friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, or others, there is always the perfect pass to send because no matter what kind of relationship it is… we’re all human.

    • Say and think just the right things.

      Humaning is hard sometimes. It’s tricky other times. At best. Human Passes help you say all the right things, none of the wrong ones, and it also helps you think healthy thoughts as you navigate your relationships.

    • Always valid today only!

      When creating this app, I wanted there to be no “deadline” for the passes, and for every pass to say that it is valid “today only.” After all, every day is today, and so each Human Pass has both urgency and yet can’t expire.

    • Each Human Pass comes in both heartfelt and funny versions.

      Some people (and situations) call for complete sincerity; others greatly benefit by including humor and silliness to go along with the same sentiments. You can always choose which works better for the person receiving your Human Pass.

    • Add anyone's name and any photo to each Human Pass.

      Choose a picture that will really mean something to the person receiving it. Add their name so that they know this Human Pass was made just for them.

    • Human Passes are super easy to make and send.

      Human Passes are so easy to make and send. Simply choose the pass you want to send, add an image, add a name, choose a font, and create it! Easy sharing buttons let you save it, text it, Instagram it, or send it on Facebook Messenger.

    • Dozens and dozens of Human Passes to choose and customize.

      And more coming soon! Humaning has so many different emotions and dynamics attached to it. Human Passes has a different Human Pass for all the big ones, each carefully and masterfully worded.
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    The holder of this pass is entitled to take one giant breath, jump into the air, and scream at the top of your lungs, “I AM THE MOST AWESOME HUMAN EVER!” That’s right, today you get to be absolutely and positively THRILLED about what you’ve accomplished. Don’t you dare be humble, or modest, or lessen it in ANY way.
    The issuer of this “Human Pass,” just FYI, is fully prepared to brag you up big time, wants to hear you go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about how amazing it all is, and will be utterly offended if you try to downplay this in ANY way. You’re human. And humans celebrate on the inside way too often. Not you. Not this time. Today, you get a pass on having to do anything but be elated. It’s totally okay.
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