Who Wants a Free Logitech UE Boombox?!

Yes, a couple people are going to win awesome Blendtec blenders. And a few people are winning KitchenAid stuff.

But doing stuff as a single dad in the kitchen is only one part of my life. Blogging is another. And then there’s dancing.

Clubs are fun, sure. But my best friends and I do something way better. We pull out the boombox. We dim the lights. We get in a circle. We crank up some tunes. And, we dance.

We do it at parties. We do it at parks. We do it in each other’s living rooms. And let me tell you… when you can have BIG SYSTEM sound on the go, dancing is SO much better.

*Definitely* better than those little speakers on your phone, which is all you get sometimes when you’re out and about.

And today, someone’s going to get one of these boomboxes by Logitech. It’s part of their UE line of products and is simply amazing.

Amazing quality. Amazing technology. Amazing sound.

And no wires (thank you Logitech!!!)

I just connect via Bluetooth or wireless to my smart phone. And we dance.

Fill out the form below to enter. There are several ways you can do so!

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