Who Wants Free KitchenAid Products for their Kitchen?!

KitchenAid is hooking up SDL readers this year with three amazing products for three different winners! And I can say they’re amazing products because I use them all almost as much as I use my computer.

Okay, maybe not that much. This isn’t a food blog. But I do use them a lot.

First up, their 13-cup Food Processor.

Ummm… Sexy. Simple. Powerful. Fast. And I’ll add fun in there too. (Is it weird that I think food processors are fun?)

Listen guys. If you wanna impress the lady of your life, you have two options. The first is okay. Get her one of these. The second is what will make her swoon. Get one for yourself and cook her some fancy meals with it. I whip it out when I have dates over, and they go all crazy gaga about my awesome skills and kitchen toys. One winner will win one of these!

Next up, the 5-Speed Hand Blender.

Let me make something perfectly clear. This is not your grandmother’s hand blender. See those detachable heads? That’s so that you can do all sorts of different things in addition to blendin’ stuff up. And the wire whisk attachment? Genius. Anyway, yeah. Somebody’s going to win one of these.

And last, but not least (though I admit I use it less often than the other two), KitchenAid’s personal coffee maker.

I don’t drink coffee. Never have. But I do drink cocoa because I tend to get cold a lot. And this does just as good for that. Easy. Gourmet. Rich. Foamy. Delish.

Fill out the form below to enter for these awesome products.

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