Okay, this image, is only so that the next image isn’t the one that shows up in everybody’s Facebook feed when they share this story. Plus, people love pictures of cats doing funny things (they do! Read this post if you don’t believe me).

So, I thought I’d throw out a bonus post today, only because I am seriously irked and I need to vent somewhere! Warning, this post contains slightly graphic images, all in the name of parenting and decency.

I have two computer screens hooked up to my computer at home. Last night I was sitting with Noah on my lap, and on one screen we were going through Bing images, finding pictures of “gray things” (every week he has to take an assortment of cut-out pictures to preschool, focusing on the color of the week).

On the other screen, Facebook was open from my previous session on the computer.

While I was cheating and typing in “silver” instead of “gray” (let’s be honest, 3-year-olds don’t know the difference. I don’t even know the difference) to the image search, Noah pointed at my other screen and said, “What’s she doing?”

I looked over and saw this ad:

I immediately said, “nothing, buddy. What do you think about this “gray quarter” over here? Should we cut that one out?” I hit refresh on the Facebook page so that the ad would disappear.

And this one popped up in its place:

Noah was now watching everything I was doing. I panicked and refreshed the page again, which didn’t help because this ad popped up:

Ummm… really?

One more hit on the refresh button, loaded an image that scared me more than any that had popped up so far.

COME… ON… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This one was enough to simply close the browser and (thankfully) turn Noah’s focus back to his homework.

Now, it is irksome that these ads would pop up at all. I am not a fan of bottoms coated in lacquer or breasts with bowling ball implants. But what really gets me riled up is that when I first launched the “Perfection” piece, I tried to start a Facebook ad for it, but was denied for “inappropriate content” and “too much skin”.

This was the image in my ad:

Anybody else think there’s something wrong with all of this?!

If you are as annoyed as I am by some of the ads they allow on Facebook, please share this.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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