I love the stage of life that Noah is in right now. He’s not quite old enough to be a big kid, and not quite young enough to be a little kid. And that stage brings never ending laughs for dad, along with a lot of special “wanna-be-big-like-dad” moments that we get to share together. My other favorite part about this stage is the way in which he talks and forms his words. And I won’t lie. I’m going to be kind of sad when Noah doesn’t talk like a little kid anymore.

I love when Noah screeches from his bedroom before I can head downstairs and says, “dad, wait! Gimme a tiggity back!” I don’t know what it is, but there’s something just a little more fun about tiggity back rides than piggy backs rides. Maybe it’s the way Noah sings, “tiggity backs, tiggity backs”, all the way down the stairs. Maybe it’s the way he says, “I LOVE tiggity backs!” when we’re done and I pile drive him onto the couch. Either way, I’ll really miss the tiggity backs if he ever changes to start saying “piggy backs” instead.

Another favorite of mine is “pup cakes”. It’s so endearing when he says it, that many of those around him have also started calling cup cakes just that. “Do you want a pup cake?” Noah and I never don’t want a pup cake. Funny thing is, I never cared much for cup cakes, but Noah’s love for pup cakes did turn me onto those. Big time. Pup cakes are just good.

And, at the top of the list is when Noah asks for a “Kitten Kat”. I think this one is my favorite because when he first started saying it, I would try and correct him. “Noah, say kit…” and Noah would quickly reply, en kat.” It was so funny because he couldn’t not change the first word to Kitten. So, forever more I will probably be asking people to break me off a piece of that Kitten Kat bar.

What makes me laugh is that when looking at these examples, they all have to do with animals. The first he removed the name of an animal, and the second two he added it. Just goes to show how much that boy loves critters.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing