How do I put into words a concept that after weeks of pondering, and multiple attempts at writing, I can still only try to wrap my brain around? A concept that I feel, but struggle to put into proper and coherent thought. A concept in which I believe, yet it’s difficult to surmise the fact that I actually believe it.

I honestly don’t know. But I am going to try. For my own benefit, if for no other reason. This is at least my eighth attempt at putting this together, and I’m still unsure if I have properly articulated what I feel needs to be said today.

Strong words do need to be said, though. Please hear me through to the end. Because we have a problem.

Women are ugly.

Women are fat.

Women are bad mothers. Women are bad wives. Women are bad daughters.

Women are lousy cooks. Women don’t keep their houses clean enough.

Women have too much cellulite in their thighs. Their abdomens are too flabby. Their under-arms are too Jell-oesque.

Women are terrible singers. They are terrible dancers. They are terrible public speakers.

Women are stupid. Women are scatter-brained.

Women are weak. They are powerless. They are defenseless.

Women don’t dress well enough. They don’t have clear enough complexions. They have too many freckles.

Women don’t have full enough lips. They don’t have skin that is soft enough.

Women are too dominant. Women are too passive.

Women are too mean. Women are too nice. Women are nothing but doormats.

Women aren’t good enough. Women will never be good enough.

Women are, simply put, worthless.

Yes, they are all these things. If, that is, I am to believe the very words that are constantly being spoken by women themselves (which I don’t). These are their words. And I’ve heard them declared again. And again. And again. To me, to other men, to other women, and for all I know to their pets and their plants.

Worthless. What a concept. To hold no value. To be less desirable than a can of dirt. Are you freaking kidding me? Every single statement on this list, including the worthless comment, was a declaration that  at least one woman has made to me, for whatever reason. I bet there isn’t a statement above that we all haven’t heard at least once; most likely hundreds or thousands of times. Why would any of these horrible, degrading beliefs spill across the lips of any woman?

What hurts me the most is that most of these things have been said to me by more women than I would care to count.

Get real for a moment, ladies. How many of these statements have you yourself said or thought? Be honest. Go through the list, one by one, and admit to the number. I’m genuinely curious. I’m genuinely sick about it. How many of them have you said or thought just since you got out of bed this morning?

[sigh] I am upset, but I’m not really angry at you. Just frustrated. Just sad. I understand the reason you constantly let slip these damaging statements. I understand the reason why you actually believe these things. I understand the real reason you feel this way. And the real reason breaks my heart.

Because of that, my message today is not directed at you. It is written to the men of this world.

Guys… It is our fault. The blame lies with us.

And, frankly, I think a man is the one who needs to point a finger and begin a conversation that could actually fix this problem.

I pray to God that every person who reads this forwards it to every man that they know, and that even a sliver of those men take a moment to read what I am about to say, because it’s time that the men of this world make a change. It’s time we make a bold declaration against everything we’ve ever been taught. It’s time we go against the grain for the sake of our precious and incredible counterparts.

I ask you seriously, men. Do we not realize what we have done to the women of this world? Do we not recognize the atrocities we have committed?

We have destroyed the very beauty that women are…