Wrinkly and Worth It

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Look at this image and tell me… What do you see?


If you’re like me, you see a wadded up five dollar bill. Now, I want you to pretend that it’s your five dollar bill. Would you throw it away just because it was wadded and wrinkled?

Of course you wouldn’t. That five dollar bill is still worth five dollars, even though it’s seen better days.

I think in life we could all compare ourselves to that five dollar bill once in a while. Sometimes the person we currently are is fresh and crisp. We’re without apparent blemish, we’re desired, and we’re sexy. People see us, and they want to have us in their lives. They want to hold onto us. It is not hard for them to see the value we hold.


Other times, we’re wrinkled. We’re worn out. We’re far from at our best, and we can sense that people would rather have somebody cleaner, crisper, and fresher in their lives. Our edges may be a little torn and our corners a little bent. People see us, and they only take us if they have no other options.


Other times we are wadded up. We are all but destroyed. We’ve been shut out and closed off. We are hardly recognizable, and few there are that want us. We’ve lost so much of who we are that there are few marks to distinguish us as valuable at all.  We’ve been to hell and back, lost in dark corners and all but forgotten. People see us and question whether we’re worth bending over to pick-up at all. It’s at times like these that we are as close to worthless as we’ll ever be.


But guess what… you’re never worthless and I’m never worthless. It doesn’t matter if we’re at our best or at our worst, we always hold the same value whether other people see it or not… Whether we see it or not.