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This is the third and final piece of a very important series of posts for me. While alone it may stand on its own, I very much suggest you read the first two posts as well. The first is called “Real Dads don’t leave” The second is “Mom pushed Daddy out the door.” As with the first two, I am very much aware that this post, and many things within it, doesn’t come close to applying to everybody or every situation. It is simply a look at something that I hope we can all discuss together.

Truth be told, the subject of broken families is so complex, so heartbreaking, and so different for everyone involved that it would be impossible for any person to cover it all.  With that being said, I believe there is a crucial piece to the puzzle that I still have not touched. Listen up men, because this very well might apply to you. I wish I could say it never applied to me, but sadly some of it very much has.

There is a problem that is crushing the very souls and spirits of our women. It is slowly destroying the ability for women everywhere to have faith in men anywhere.

As with the last post, I want to simply ask you if you remember.

Do you remember when you first asked that beautiful woman for a date who eventually became your wife? Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach as you clenched your teeth, waiting for her response? Do you remember how excited and anxious you were when she first agreed to go out with you?Do you remember how time seemed to slow incredibly as you counted the moments before your first attempts at romance with her? Do you remember how you did yourself up proper, making yourself as sexy as you possibly could? Do you remember how you didn’t feel good enough to be going out with somebody as incredible as that?

Do you remember how satisfyingly awkward it was asking for that second date, and how you wanted to sing halleluiah when she said yes again? Do you remember how much you cherished the glow within you, knowing that a woman like that liked you enough to go out with you again?

Do you remember how things started progressing and you started plotting and planning the moments to your first kiss? Do you remember how you tried to act confident when the moment came, but inside you were utterly terrified? Do you remember the first time your lips touched hers? Do you remember the thrill that rushed through your body? Do you remember feeling lighter than air?

Do you remember the first time you admitted to yourself that you were in love? Do you remember the first time she admitted it back? Do you remember looking at such a beautiful woman in that moment, unable to explain your gratitude for her, your admiration for her, your respect for her or your devotion to her?

Do you remember how that love began to spiral out of control in such a poignant and exciting way? Do you remember how you couldn’t wait to see her every time the events of life momentarily swept her away? Do you remember being everything you could be for her, stepping up to every plate, climbing every mountain, and conquering every conflict along the way? Do you remember how you put your best foot forward and kept it forward?

Do you remember how the tiniest fear of losing her was constantly in the back of your mind? Do you remember the day when you realized that you literally couldn’t live without her and that you really did want to spend the rest of your life with her?Do you remember walking into that jeweler, scratching your head at the hundreds of possibilities before you and then finally picking the perfect ring for the perfect girl?

Do you remember getting down on one knee, your heart leaping from your throat as you choked out the words, “will you marry me?”

Do you remember that look in her eyes when you did?

Do you remember the trust that was there?

Do you remember the admiration and respect?

Do you remember the commitment?

Her eyes said it all. She was yours, and you were hers. She said yes, and you kissed.