Dear Extremists,

You know who you are. Actually, come to think of it, maybe you don’t. I had a cute and humorous post written for today, but yesterday you ticked me off one too many times. So instead, I just want to write you a quick letter in response and say a few things. I had really wanted to keep things light for at least a few days around here. Oh well.

Yesterday I received some overly threatening emails from animal “lovers,” who felt a need to reprimand me, chastise me, bully me, inform me that I’m one of the worst people on Earth, and then use their perfect omniscience in regards to my life and my situation to banish me to the most obscure corners of hell.

How dare you look for another dog? How dare you make getting another dog seem acceptable? Do you have any idea what a bad example you are? How dare you teach people that dogs can be switched out as often as you “get tired of them?” How horrible are you to not spend another two months going door to door, asking people if they’ve seen B.B.? Do you have any idea how much worse you are making this world for all the animals in it? Do you have any idea how much you’re adding to the neglected and abandoned pet problem? Maybe you should take a turn being bought, sold, turned-in and traded-out to learn your lesson. Do you cycle through women as often as you cycle through dogs? Maybe that’s your problem. Women and dogs are the same to you, aren’t they… What’s going to happen when you get sick of Noah?

I could go on. Easily. Instead, here’s my response.

I don’t care. I don’t give a rip. Your very judging, hurtful, threatening words have made me do nothing but want to declare, “screw whatever it is that you’re passionate about.”

You see, I am tired of all you extremists who think that whatever you’re most passionate about is the only important point of view in any situation. I’m tired of all you extremists who think that being “passionate” about something gives you the right to be a complete bully and jerk about it. I’m tired of all you extremists who think that listing demands and pressuring other people is the way to get what you want. And, I’m really tired of the endless threats.

Guess what, and I know this will likely tick a lot more of you off… To me, dogs are just freaking dogs. They’re not people. And in my life, the people are far more important to me than any freaking dog. My son, especially. Do I love dogs? Yes, the right dogs. I certainly don’t love every dog. Have I been through multiple dogs? Yes. Have I ever made bad decisions in the process? Frankly, I don’t give a damn. My life has changed (as well as the people in it) so many times in recent years, that naturally so has the dog situation. Get used to it. It’s life.  I’ve spent a lot of money (on trainers, surgeries, what have you) and a lot of time trying to find the right dog for me and Noah. And damn it, I’m going to succeed because having the right dog is about the best thing on earth.

But this isn’t really a response to animal lovers as much as it’s a letter to include all extremists who have loved flooding my inbox with their hate over the past seven months.

This also includes those who are against infant circumcision. I have received (and continue to receive) letters, threats, and demands from those in the “anti-circ” crowd who have said things that I still can’t believe. I have been threatened repeatedly. There have been those who have promised that if I don’t write a strongly worded post against infant circumcision, the entire parent population of the internet will rally together and destroy me.

This includes those who are “environmentalists,” and who have written me emails telling me that I am everything wrong and horrible in this world because I drink from plastic water bottles. I’ve been threatened and demeaned about it. I’ve been sent viciously horrible things.

This includes those who are pro-breast feeding, who have written to me demanding that I write about how wrong it is not to breast feed your child, and if I don’t, the entire pro-breast feeding population will rise up against me and take me down.

This includes those who are anti-therapy. It includes those who are pro or anti-corporal punishment. It includes extreme people in many religions. It includes gay-rights activists. It includes anti-abortionists and pro-abortionists. And it includes a lot of others as well.