Butterfly Kisses

The other day, Noah and I met my family for a night of fun at the bowling alley. As much as I hate bowling (remember why?) myself, I do love helping Noah roll his ball down the lane.

After we finished our game, the bigger chunk of my family still had a few frames go, so I kicked back and got as comfortable as a guy as big as me can get in the little chairs at a place like that. Within no time at all, Noah pulled himself up onto my lap to wait it out with me.

After spectating became too boring for him, he turned around and put his face directly in front of mine. He squashed his nose against mine with great force and pulled back again, looking rather pleased with himself. “Do you know what that’s called?” I asked him.

“No, what?”

“That’s called an Eskimo kiss.”

He started giggling. “An Eskimo kiss? What’s an Eskimo kiss?”

I grabbed his head and squashed our noses together again. “That’s an Eskimo kiss.”

“Now give me a butterfly kiss,” I said. I’d never given butterfly kisses to him before, and I wanted to see if he knew what they were.

Instead of batting his eyelashes against mine, he did the damned cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen him do. He closes his eyes, puckered his lips, started flapping his wings like a butterfly, and went in for the smacker.

And the best part was… my sister was standing there with her camera!


I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. And I had him do it at least half a dozen times more.

That’ll probably be one of those things where I never teach him the “proper way” to do it.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing