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Let me ask you something, honestly. What’s the point of worrying? I have yet to see it. All worrying has ever done for me is give me mouth cankers and stomach bluggles.

I’m not kidding; for some reason stress makes my mouth break out into canker sores like nobody’s business. And for some strange reason, it also makes my stomach gurgle and growl like it’s almost done eating itself.

I’m sincere about the question. What good does it do to worry? Does it really help anything? Is there any benefit to it? Does anybody really benefit by worrying?

To be honest, I’m not writing this to all of you. I’m writing this post to myself. I need it right now.

I’ve been worrying way too much the last several months. What’s going to happen for me career-wise? Where will my writing take me? How will the launch of my book go? What if I go too far down the wrong path? Should I turn questionable opportunities down to be safe? Can I afford to turn many opportunities down right now? How long can I continue in this leap of faith?

And that’s just the work side of things. I’ve also been worrying about relationships with friends, family members, and neighbors lately. I’ve let that worry read into things that didn’t really exist. I’ve let it stir pots that didn’t need to be stirred. I’ve let it do more damage than good.

Why? Why do I do that? Worrying has never brought me anything good. Ever.

I am pretty good at not worrying most of the time. The people who know me would say I’m pretty laid back and don’t worry enough. Some would say that I put too much faith in things simply working out.

But when I do worry… I wooooorrrrrry!

Is it ever possible to never worry? I could use some hints. Does anybody have a trick to never worry about things? I could sure use one right now. All this post made me do was worry about worrying. How ironic.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad