You may remember from my Dancing Black Duck post that my love for dancing was rekindled in a major sort of a way. Since then, we have all danced together, danced with the homeless, and danced for fun. Well, there’s another place I love to dance, and that’s in the car.

I bought a new car a while back, and after driving it off the lot, I was pleasantly surprised that it had an extremely high-end sound system built-in. I’d never cared about car speakers before, and so I didn’t really look at them much while I was out car shopping. But… dang. I’m a fan of good car speakers now. The first time I cranked it up, I started laughing as the car bounced slightly, the mirrors vibrated and blurred with each downbeat, and the back window jiggled. I took out the Silly Songs thumb drive and cranked up some Lady GaGa. And then, I danced.

I began dancing almost anytime I was driving alone. In all honesty, it was near-impossible not to with that kind of sound filling my body. It didn’t matter where I was, or where I was going. I loved it, and still do.

Occasionally people look at me like I’m possessed. I don’t care. I dance in my car anyway. The majority of people either don’t look or pretend they’re not looking. The rest of everybody starts smiling or laughing. Some people start dancing along in their own cars.

It sends me back to the time when I was driving with my cousin (and other friends) in college and we started car dancing anywhere we went. We always made it our goal to get others to dance with us in their own cars. There was one car in particular that we kept side by side with us for a few miles, coming up with new dances and laughing at their dances. We did the “shopping cart,” the “lawnmower,” and others. The driver in the other car did her own. She had to have been at least sixty. The laughs we had during that drive still make me happy.

I’m sure there are people who hear my car thumping and think I’m an A-class idiot. I’m sure there are people who think I’m trying to “look cool” or “prove something.” I just look at them, smile, and start dancing. You’d be amazed who dances back sometimes.

Dancing is my release. And good music coming out of good speakers makes dancing a thousand times better. Maybe ten thousand times.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing Dancing

PS. Do you dance in the car? Do you ever make up silly dance moves that involve everyday activities? What do you think when you see somebody dancing in their car or you hear loud music?