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Today I was listening to the radio, and the DJ started ranting about why Valentine’s Day sucks, how it is all one big commercialized ploy to suck our money away from us, and how we should ALL boycott Valentine’s Day.

To that, I say…

I mean, come on…

Who cares if it’s a holiday that companies exploit?

If people like having a special day to celebrate… get ready for it… LOVE of all things…

Freakin’ crap heckfire let them!

This year I am single on the big day. Again.

But I’ll tell you this much. I wish I had somebody that I loved enough on whom I could go spend twice what I usually would for flowers, twice what I usually would for dinner, and twice what I usually would for everything else (including babysitters).

I haven’t always been alone on Valentine’s Day, you know. In fact, as an adult there have been far more V-Days that I’ve been with someone than without.

I used to hate how the prices of everything went up on Valentine’s Day. I’d still bargain shop for the cheapest flowers. I’d take my wife to restaurants that weren’t crazy expensive. I’d spend the night griping and moaning about the injustices of it all.

Then one year, for some reason, I didn’t.

Instead, I bought a bigger bouquet of roses than I ever had in years past. I took her to a nicer dinner than I ever had in years past. And I more or less spoiled her for the entire evening.

I remember when I pulled out the flowers and handed them to her. Her eyes lit up and the first words out of her mouth were, “it’s Valentine’s Day! How much did those cost?!”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re worth it.” I told her.

And then she melted. She felt special. She felt valuable. She felt loved. Those flowers meant the world to her.

When I took her to dinner she said, “you didn’t have to bring me somewhere this nice.”

“You’re worth it.” I told her.

And she melted again. She felt even more special. She felt even more valuable. She felt more loved than maybe she ever had on the big V-Day. That dinner meant the world to her.

And it was one of the best days of my life. Not because I was with her. Not because our love was so strong that a lightning bolt from Zeus himself couldn’t separate it. No… it was one of the best days of my life because my wife lit up brighter than I’d seen her light up in a long time. It was one of the best days of my life because my wife felt truly “worth it.” And that was something that I always wanted to see but hardly ever got to. Probably because I was always griping about how much everything cost and how everybody was out to get us.

And since then, I’ve realized something about women… no matter what they say, no matter how adamantly they declare that they don’t need it or want it… and no matter how much they participate in the griping and whining about price gauging and the ridiculous cost of kind and loving gestures…

They all feel special and valuable and loved when their man does it anyway.

So guys… this year don’t be cheap. Be a Cassanova instead. Show your girl that your love is worth celebrating. Cause some guys who’d really like to won’t have that chance this year.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What do you think about Valentine’s Day? And, what do you think about the dynamics I shared above?

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Dan Pearce is an American born writer, photographer, and artist. His books include "The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man" and "The Real Dad Rules." He is best known for his blog (and supporting Facebook page) "Single Dad Laughing," with 2 million followers as of 2018.