Okay, I confessed it some time ago, but in case you didn’t know… I’ve been off and on a couple of different dating websites. I was finding my ability to meet new women difficult at best between my work schedule, Noah, and (if I’m being completely honest) my increasingly difficult time finding somebody who wants to date me and not some other person that they for some reason think that I am because of this blog.

I figured that since the vast majority of people still have no clue who I am, I could meet some great people without the added pressure.

After deciding to give it a whirl, I setup a few dates. And, I did start to meet some really great women.

I’ll never forget the first date I went on. When we first met, she walked up to me hesitantly, and I looked at her wondering if it was really the girl I had been talking to. She looked completely different than anything I had seen in any of the 14 photographs on her profile. She was heavier. Much heavier. And she looked like she was waiting for me to notice this small fact and run.

The first words out of her mouth were, “Ummm, you look exactly the same as you do in your photographs. That’s weird. That doesn’t happen.” Was that weird? I hadn’t thought so. I didn’t know dating was supposed to be a “Haha! I tricked you into a date!” kind of a game. I guess I had a lot to learn.

We went in to dinner and we enjoyed some nice conversation. Personality-wise, she was very much the person with whom I had been exchanging emails online. But I couldn’t get over one fact. I felt lied to. I felt deceived.