Time for some parenting 101. Today let’s talk about giving our kids choices and learning how to never say no.

How often do you struggle as a parent to get your kid to do what you want them to do? How often does your little one scream, “NO!” And how often are you left scratching your head over how to handle it?

The answer is choices. Don’t ever say okay when they say “no” to you. Find a way to offer them a choice. Every time. And don’t ever say no when they ask for something they can’t have. Find a way to say yes. Every time.

Let me demonstrate just how easy parenting can be.

Dad: Noah, how about egg burritos for breakfast this morning?
Noah: Dad, I hate egg burritos!
Dad: Would you rather have an egg burrito or a poop sandwich? I’m happy to make either.
Noah: Grrrr. Egg burrito.
Dad: You promise you’ll eat it? Because I kind of would rather have poop sandwiches for breakfast now that I think about it.
Noah: I’ll eat it, I promise!
Dad: Okay, you want an egg burrito, you’ve got it.

See how easy parenting can be? Here are some more examples.

Noah: Dad, can I pleeeeeeaaasssee have this toy?
Dad: You bet! As soon as you reach down in your pocket and magically find twenty dollars, it’s all yours.
Noah: Dad! I don’t have twenty dollars, where would I get twenty dollars?
Dad: Don’t ask me, that’s why it’s called magic. You never know unless you reach in your pocket and look.
Noah: [reaches in his pocket]. Nope, nothing.
Dad: Bummer. Well, if you ever do find your magic $20, let me know and we’ll run right back here for your toy.

Noah: Dad, do we have to clean the house before we can play a game?
Dad: No, we don’t have to.
Noah: So we can just play the game?
Dad: We don’t have to clean the house first.
Noah: So we can just play the game then?
Dad: If you don’t want to clean the house first then we can find something else to do before we play the game.
Noah: Grrrr. Like what?
Dad: I don’t know, we could leave the house dirty and instead we could lie on the bed for three hours and I get to hold you like my teddy bear while I take a nap. It will take a lot longer, but I like holding you like my teddy bear. So I’d be okay with that.
Noah: Three hours?
Dad: Maybe four.
Noah: Oh fine, let’s clean the house and play the game.
Dad: Okay, if that’s what you want.