Trolls and Haters. Everyone says ignore ’em.

I say, don’t ignore them. Write beautiful poetry for them instead because it’s a LOT more fun (and therapeutic) than simply pretending they don’t exist.

Poem for the Trolls – #1

This week you called me Stupid
Last week you called me Satan
Come on all you meanie jerks
Why you gots be hatin’?

I broke up with a girl I loved
Still you brought your wrath down on me
You went from post to post to post
To make the whole dang world see

That I am a jerk, a real tool,
Who enjoys breaking sweet girls’ hearts
I have a pattern, you boldly said
And that was just the start

You linked to posts that “proved your point”
You sent me super hurtful mail
You posted on my Facebook wall
You had this need to watch me fail

But in the end, I only laughed
What else was I to do?
You sounded like an idiot.
Thousands of others thought so, too.

But I won’t judge, I cannot judge
I don’t know why you have no class
I only know it got so bad
That I blocked your little ass.

Nothing but love, haters. Nothing but love.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing