I received this email last week. The title was “My Mom.” I know I recently shared a response to I’m Christian Unless You’re Gay, but this one hit me in such a different way.

It was from a girl about her gay mom. Almost every other email I’ve gotten has been the other way around, a parent about their gay child.

Here is her powerful email:

This is something that has been on my mind forever, and i just needed to share it…

A couple of years ago I found out that my mom was gay. At first I was uncomfortable with it because her and my dad were recently divorced. I never really understood it, but over these past couple of years I have seen the world in a whole different perspective.

My mom has taken me to Gay Pride every year since I found out. What astonishes me is that I look around and see all these people so happy with who they are and who they love. If I didn’t know that my mom was gay, than I probably would have never seen life this way… But I have this problem…

Everyone at my school, does not accept gays or anyone related to gays. Every time someone talks about DOMA they’d be like, “that’s so stupid” or “gays are dumb” I even had one of my closet friends say that she absolutely hates them. I just don’t get it, the kindest people get treated horrible. I recently told the guy that I like that my mom is gay, and he told me that it’s wrong and he doesn’t know if he can talk to me anymore.

I want to tell them (everyone) that I have a gay mom. It bothers me so much that they talk all this crap about gays. When they do that i think, “wow they are talking about my mom right now,” it hurts me to the point where I just want to sit, locked in my room and cry. Most of the kids at my school have met my mom and absolutely adore her! But I have a feeling that if they found out than no one would accept us… I just don’t get it… If they adore my mom, then why would this change their point of view? It’s just.. I don’t know…

I just wish that people would see that I love my mom and who she is. She’s been through so much, and throwing being gay into the mix makes it harder for her… There’s nothing I would change about her, she’s made me a better person. Her girlfriend is a huge role model in my life, and I look up to both of them! I’m writing this because I need to let people know.. I need the world to see… I’ve written numerous papers about this and my point of view, I just needed to share this.

Thank you.

A real reminder that there is much work left to do. Many voices left to be heard. Young people and their hearts can still be swayed and touched.

It’s people like this that will change the world, one person at a time.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. To see her original email, click here.

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