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single-parent-tightropeFirst off, this is not a pity party, nor am I discouraged or depressed as I write this. So please don’t read it in that light. Thought I better clarify since the first few comments reflected that such was my tone. Haha. No, this is just an open discussion I thought we could all have.

Anyway, Sometimes I wonder if the line of life that a single parent must walk is so thin that it is only the truly lucky who ever make it to the other side of the stage after multiple attempts at the tight-rope.

Let me explain.

I have come to learn that I have exactly enough time and enough effort to take care of five major needs in my life.

My child.





To feel truly balanced and healthy, I need all five. The time and effort I have in my life to give to all five works for me, and it works well. I’ve more or less figured out how to do it.

Every time life is good, I get those five things going full-swing. I pick them all up. I strap them on my back. I pick up my long balancing pole. I chalk my tight rope slippers. I take a breath. I take a step out onto the wire. And… I take a deep breath.

Nobody gets neglected.

I step onto the line with my other foot.

My son gets all the attention that he needs from his dad. He gets all the love. All the time. All my everything.

I’m shuffling along the line. Everything is good.

My work thrives. My content is well-written and well-received. Everything just flows and I find growing success.

I’ve got my eye focused on the destination. The final platform. I walk further and further onto that rope.

My social life is fulfilling. I get to see all the friends (which includes family) that I want to see. I spend time laughing, having fun, and doing all the crazy things I love doing.

Another step. And then another step. I am so balanced right now.

My dating life flourishes. I establish satisfying and rewarding relationships with incredible people, and things often progress to where I can see a real potential future there.

I feel like I can run across this tight rope because of how centered I am and how firm the rope feels.

Exercise is scheduled in. It’s part of my routine. It becomes a healthy and wonderful habit that I always make sure to find time for.

I near the halfway point. The crowd is cheering from below. The destination is still firmly in sight. Everything is clicking. Everything is going so smoothly.

And then…

I stumble.

Ever so.

Just enough that I feel myself having to strain ever so slightly to keep my balance.

I keep walking. I keep everything in my life. All five of my needs. They’re all still being met. I’m still balancing them all. Yes, I’m good. To the half-way point now.

I look back. I look ahead. God. The distance seems so much further than when I started. But I am still walking.

I spend the time with my son that he needs. I have an amazing idea and write an incredible blog post. I spend a night out with my friends. I start wondering if it’s time to move things to the next level with the person I’m dating. I get in another amazing workout.


What was that?


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Dan Pearce is an American born writer, photographer, and artist. His books include "The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man" and "The Real Dad Rules." He is best known for his blog (and supporting Facebook page) "Single Dad Laughing," with 2 million followers as of 2018.