I’m in a snarky and silly mood today. So…

Sing it with me, everyone!

♬ You’re so vaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin. You probably think this blog is about you. You’re so vaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnn! I’ll bet you think this blog is about you, don’t you, don’t you?!

Haha. It’s Friday. I’m not gonna keep you here all day with a fourteen-page rant.

I just think it’s funny how often I get these types of comments (this one was from earlier this week):

“Dan, I have noticed that you sure do talk about yourself a lot on this blog and it’s a serious turn-off and seems very narcissistic and vain. I’d consider staying if you’d stop writing about yourself and blog about others instead.”




I don’t know how to reply to that in a non-jerk way. Except maybe by singing.

♬ I guess I’m vaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin. I kind of thought this blog was about me. I’m so vaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnn! I really thought this blog was about me!

Hahaha. I have probably had a few dozen comments like the one above, all in varying degrees, since I started this blog.

This… personal… blog.

My personal blog about… my life… my thoughts… my stories… my rants… my mishaps… my successes and failures… my parenting… my laughs.

How’s that for a lot of me-statements? (And if you couldn’t tell I’m trying to make myself seem and sound as vain as possible here).

I mean yeah, maybe it’s a little narcissistic and vain to think anyone in the world would care to hear about anything at all that has to do with me.

But no more vain than you telling me it shouldn’t be about me.

And getting somewhat less vain as we speak since I’m now talking about you instead of me, which is kind of what you wanted.

Haha. But in all seriousness, this blog is about my life, so get over it.

To help you, here are twelve jokes about me and my apparent over-bloated vanity that you can read and laugh at while you brood about how flippantly vain I am with your friends.


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