I really liked her, you know. That girl. Why did you have to steal her away from me?

I never stood a chance against you with your fancy modern style and your ability to keep her constantly entertained. She had no need for me. Not really. Not when I think back to those first few dates.

I remember on our very first date. Man, we got along famously. She could make me laugh the way no girl had in a long time. Then you showed up, made one little peep and she turned most of her attention toward you for the rest of the night. She all but forgot I existed in that moment.

Why didn’t I run then? It was obvious she had a thing for you.

It was a little unnerving the way she just looked at you all night long. I felt so on my toes, like every word that came out of my mouth had to be the most witty and profound word I had ever spoken to steal her back from you again. It seemed that any time there was even a slight lull, her attention once again turned to you even when you weren’t really saying anything to her at all.

Why I came back for a second date, I’ll never know. Why she wanted to go on a second date with me is also beyond my comprehension. But nothing confuses me more than why she brought you on that second date in the first place. And why she brought you on that first date to begin with. They were dates for crying out loud. I know the dating world is full of competition, but do I really have to sit across from it at a dinner that I’m paying for?

That second date started out okay. I thought she liked me more than she liked you. She laughed at my jokes. She was attentive and thoughtful in her responses. I actually felt good about paying for her meal. For a moment I forgot you had come along at all, and it seemed she had forgotten you as well.

Then I made the mistake of excusing myself to go to the bathroom which is apparently when you swept in and stole her again. By the time I got back she was completely enamored by you. She couldn’t stop looking at you. I silently grimaced at the thought of once again paying for her meal. Why weren’t you paying for her stupid meal?

Maybe I just have low self esteem. I don’t know. Why else would I be okay sitting there watching her just laugh with you and smile with you and poke you and look at you. Why else would I sit there and be okay with her forgetting I exist.