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Every so often, an artist releases a song that has the ability to penetrate the soul of almost any person who hears it. Not because everyone who will hear it will tie it to the same meaning, but because its meaning is so much deeper and universal than the simple words themselves.

“Say something, I’m giving up on you.” I am sure you’ve heard the song and overplayed it ten thousand times by now like I have. If not, here’s the music video:

“Say something I’m giving up on you.”

When I first heard the song, there was a woman that I had really started to fall for. She had, for a reason still unbeknownst to me, disappeared slowly from my life, and with every hour that passed with no word from her, and then every day, I gave up just a little more. Of course, I put the song on repeat and let my soul communicate to the universe that which for some reason I couldn’t.

But the truth is it’s a song that is so much more poignant and powerful than two lovers. And I was so happy to see that in the video.

For some it might be a friend or a family member lost in addiction.

For others, it might be a dying loved one.

For others, maybe it is an old friendship drifting.

And when it comes to love itself, some people will hear that song and maybe think of a new crush while others will think of someone drifting away slowly over the years.

And there is someone more that this song can be about and should be about sometimes. It is someone in the video you may not even notice at first, though that person is there.

It is someone we might not ever think to plug into the thoughts that arise while listening to the song, but someone who often needs to hear those words more than anyone else.

It is the person staring back at you when you look in the mirror.

It is yourself.

And there are so many times you can stand and sing it.

There are so many times I can sing it. To myself. As I stand looking in the mirror at my reflection while I try and learn something deeper than anything I can wrap my own thoughts and judgments around.

The first time I realized this was when those last few legs were knocked out from under my blog, and I knew that I couldn’t probably keep doing it as a full-time career forever. At least not without selling out.

What I didn’t tell you until later was that there was so much more than a dream of blogging slipping through my fingers with all of that. There was a much bigger dream that I’ve had for years that was becoming continually difficult to focus on. It has been something I’ve been so excited about someday doing to make this world a better place. And the latest discouragements sucked a lot of the wind out of both sails.

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