Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I opened the floor to you to ask any question, silly or serious, easy or difficult. So many amazing questions came in, I decided to split it into three posts. This morning I answered the last of those. But then I got to thinking…

Why didn’t anyone ask any really juicy or silly questions. So, I opened it up to you once more with a request for the questions you might be too afraid or timid to ask. Here are your favorites and my favorites of those, along with my answers!

Oh, and if you missed the first couple rounds of questions & answers, you can find the first one here! The second one here. And the final one here!

Q: You have stated that you are "a little bit bi". Is this purely a case of an occasional physical attraction to men, or is there something deeper that occasionally attracts you to a specific man? And, are you monogamous or, if you are in a relationship with a woman do you prefer to have an occasional fling with a guy, or are you polyamorous?
A: Most of this was answered in this blog post. However, on the subject of commitment, I never understand why this is the hardest thing for people to understand about bisexuality. Being bisexual means you are sexually attracted to both genders. It has nothing to do with whether or not you are committed to the person you are with. It also doesn’t mean that you’re going to cheat because "you’ve got to get some dick" once in a while. If you’re faithful you’re faithful. And faithful has much more to it than "not cheating." Being faithful is something much deeper. It’s a place within you where you control your very thoughts, emotions, attractions, and temptations toward anyone else. Who gives a crap which gender you’re attracted to. Decide if you’re committed or not and act in such a way. No occasional flings needed.
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Q: What is the most awkward thing you have been caught doing?
A: Pooping. In a gas station bathroom. And the whole world saw me doing it because the lock didn’t hold and the guy who exposed me to the world just stood there like an idiot. I told that story once. It’s a good one.
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Q: What question are you secretly hoping someone will ask? (And the answer) haha
A: I didn’t have anything specific. So now let me think about that. Okay. I got one. I secretly am hoping someone asks me my bank account number so that they can make a giant mystery deposit. The answer is 8675301.
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Q: What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done during "intimate time"?
A: One time I sneezed and snot flew into my beard. Kind of ruined the moment. There was more than just a little.
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Q: How often do you get hit on in your blog? Ever meet any of the girls that hit on you? Or boys for that matter?
A: I think people like to internet flirt because there are no consequences and it’s easy to do behind a firewall of anonymity. I get several of those every day. I just laugh. Having done this as long as I have, they make me smile nothing more. Real life people and real life relationships mean everything to me. As for having met any of them. Um. I’ve met a few, sure. I won’t tell you that I don’t generally like to because most I’ve met were complete disasters. Yeah. I won’t tell you that.
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Kyle & Chris
Q: You are such a great dad, what was your relationship with your dad like?
A: Really crappy, if I’m being honest. Sure I have plenty of great memories with him. He was of the drill sergeant variety though, and I’m of the free spirit oppositionally defiant variety. Made for a very tough bonding experience. Now that we’re both grown, he gives me my space. It’s much better.
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Q: Have you ever "hooked up" with one of your readers?
A: Yes. Remember the girl that licked my face? She was a reader.  Remember how I said most of them were complete disasters? Yeah.  At least with her we never made it past face licking. Who knows what other weirdness would have happened had we kept it going.
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Q: Have you ever had to have a conversation with your son about your sexuality because of something some stupid adult said to or around him?
A: Nope. I’ve had conversations with him about the stupid things people can say before they ever say them! Gotta pre-emptively strike that crap. That being said, I haven’t heard of anyone saying any crap about it behind my back. I’m sure it happens, but not in my circles. Plus. I don’t think anyone wants to be the subject of a Single Dad Laughing blog post about intolerance. How scary would that be? Hahaha.
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Q: I’m curious…. Would you ever date a transgender person?
A: I have no idea. I’ve never come across a transgender in the dating world. I’d like to think I’m open-minded that way. I have no idea. Confession: I do actually think one woman I dated might have been a man once and never told me. I never thought so until I watched an episode of Nip/Tuck which made me question… everything.
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Q: Let’s say you won a power-ball, I’m talking multi-millions. Hundreds of millions. What’s the most ridiculous thing you buy?
A: A trip to outer space. For sure. I would love to see the world I live in. I think it would give me a different perspective for life.
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