Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I opened the floor to you to ask any question, silly or serious, easy or difficult. So many amazing questions came in, I decided to split it into three posts. Here’s the second set of answers!

Oh, and if you missed the first round, you can find those here!

Q: How do you find people to date? I’m going on three years without a date and it sucks…please don’t say online dating because apparently no one in a sixty mile radius fits my description (apparently I have weird standards like “must have teeth” or “no police record”).
A: I like Tinder. I said that once, and people were like, “DUDE YOU WHORE!” Haha. Apparently outside of Utah, in some places, Tinder is almost exclusively a hookup app. Not here. Here I have met incredible friends and gone on some incredible dates. Other than that, I have met some incredible people by being part of online groups like the Single Dad Laughing Health Club. I’ve gone on dates, have new real life friends, and tons of activity partners. Tons of people in the group have found the same. Two couples have even gotten married that met in the group! Online is a great place if you use it right. They’re still people, you know! Just worry about being a friend, making friends, and then if you like someone after getting to know them, ask them out. Easy peasy lemon squeezie.
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Q: What would you do if you were in a serious relationship and “the one that got away” got in touch and said they loved you and wanted you back?
A: This may be the hardest question I’ve ever pondered. And believe me, I’ve pondered it. My answer is, if I love the person I’m with, nothing. I would do nothing. When I commit to someone, I am faithful. If, however, the relationship was on shaky ground and already on its way out… well… I plead the fifth.
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Q: Why do you dye your hair?
A: Because I like it more that way.
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Q: Favorite junk food….like what can you not have in the house because you’ll eat ALL of it in one night?
A: Donuts. Maple bars, specifically. I could down half a dozen of them and not even realize it. They are the alpha around here. I must do what they tell me to do. And for some reason they always want me to devour them.
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Q: How do I better support single dad’s in my life?
A: I think all single parents need support. Some of them may have good support systems, others don’t. Some have sole custody, others don’t. Honestly, I have such a good relationship with his mom when it comes to co-parenting and time-sharing that life is good for me. I do date and hang-out with lots of single moms and have single dad friends, and I can tell you without question, the one thing that would mean the world to them is someone they trust to demand they take a night out and give them free babysitting. It’s probably the hardest thing for most single parents, and they never want to ask for fear of being a burden.
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