Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook page, I asked the question: “Knowing that I might use it in a blog post, what is the most embarrassing thing a stranger has ever caught you doing?”

Just as I suspected. You guys rocked my laughing world with your hilarious replies. Here are all the ones for the second batch!

  1. While staying out of town partying with friends at a rock show, at the hotel afterwards, I had to run to the car, so I pulled all of my hair and made a Pebbles hair-do and ran into what I thought was our room and as it turned out… It was not our room, it was couple naked on their bed going at it in full force. Except when I jumped in the room from the open sliding door, I yelled “TADAAAA” and did a weird dance and they screamed and I screamed and ran and found my actual room, LOL.
  2. I was dressed up in lingerie waiting for my honey to come home, and decided to start a fire in fireplace. Unfortunately the Flu was closed and I could not get it open so my neighbor came running over because smoke was billowing out of my house. He found me in heels, hose, a garter belt and not a whole lot else frantically trying to get the flu open. He averted his eyes, opened the flu and then quickly went back home.
  3. Digging through the dumpster on Christmas morning to find the cords that came with my new sewing machine. This Hispanic church was driving around giving out boxes to the less fortunate. We tried explaining, but English was our barrier. I ended up with a pencil box and a Hooked on Phonics type book to help me learn to read.
  4. As a tween at our local amusement park I wore my bikini top around all day and while on a roller coaster it flew off and landed on the guy’s head behind me.
  5. Ummmmm… grabbing an ass! And I mean the super sexy caress the ass (way low) kind of ass grab! I walked into a dark theatre and thought it was my husband standing there waiting for me so we could take our seats….yeah, NO. I was all up on some strange guy’s butt! His response? “Uh, hi there?!” I about DIED!
  6. I was shopping and had a bee fly up the sleeve of my shirt.. Im allergic to bees so I naturally went into a panic and ripped of my shirt… Standing there in my bra with store owner and 2 customers… All were males btw… LMAO!
  7. I was a new mom and exhausted when the fed ex guy came to the door I answered it not remembering I had on my favorite worn out sleep shirt that just happens to have a huge hole where my nipple is. I couldn’t figure out why he was staring at me dumbfounded until I accepted the package closed the door and glanced down.
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Dan Pearce is an American born writer, photographer, and artist. His books include "The All-Important, Well-Fed, Giant White Man" and "The Real Dad Rules." He is best known for his blog (and supporting Facebook page) "Single Dad Laughing," with 2 million followers as of 2018.