Woman and little girl sharing a secret

I asked an awesome question to ask over on the SDL Facebook page. “What is the funniest fib you’ve ever found yourself telling your child?”

Anyone who is a parent at all knows what it’s like to throw a random fib out from time to time because… maybe you just don’t want to deal with a half hour beg-fest. Or maybe you just aren’t ready to explain something. Or maybe you know that your child isn’t ready to have something explained. There rare a million reasons why little fibs can be totally legit.

And if there’s anything that I know, it’s that usually those little fibs are HILARIOUS! I stand behind you, fibbing parents, and I laugh with you as we tackle this thing called parenting together.

Here are your replies.

So, I Fibbed to My Kid…

  1. The ice cream truck only plays music when it’s out of ice cream…
  2. I told my oldest that the reflector bumps in the middle of the road are road braille so blind people can drive too. She believed this until she took drivers ed!
  3. My 4 year old son walked in on my girlfriend and me when we starting our “business” and we lied saying we were having a tickle fight. He yells “I like tickle fights” and proceeded to jump in bed with us.
  4. I told my children their taste buds change every 24 hours. Just because you didn’t like it yesterday doesn’t mean it won’t be yummy today. Worked like magic, seriously, until she mentioned it to her college professor. She’s still mad!
  5. To potty train my daughter I told her that Walmart stopped selling diapers… She replied “we should probably check Zellers then.”
  6. When my son caught dad being the tooth fairy both son and dad freaked out. Son is crying, dad is trying to fix it. I was asleep through the whole thing. Dad comes in and wakes me up and explains he blew it. It was a long hysterical story so I go into sons room laughing so hard I’m crying. I play up the crying part and tell my son I’m upset and just found out there’s no tooth fairy too!
  7. Before I had my son, I was at the laundromat and a little boy was sticking his fingers in the gum ball machine. I told him that a little gnome lived in there and he would bite the fingers of children who stuck their fingers in his house. Thankfully his mother thought it was funny.