You know me, friends. When I’m bored, I like to spend all sorts of time sending texts to unknown numbers and seeing what they reply. I’d call it time well-wasted. I like to see what they will reply to me.

A perfect stranger.

In all the past Wrong Number posts, I’ve tried a few different messages. This time, I wanted to do a holiday edition, and specifically ask what secret thoughts people have about Christmas. I sent this message: “Happy Holidays from a complete stranger!” I’m just wondering… What is the most secret

304 wrong numbers. That’s how many texts I sent this time around, all with the exact same words to totally random people.

This screen capture pretty much sums up most of the replies I got:

80% of replies:


Some replies were a little (or a lot) more incredible, hilarious, or powerful than that. As always.

Here are 21 of them.