Summer is *this* close to being over.

In a few minutes, Noah and I are going to celebrate our last night together before he heads off to (what the heck?!) third grade. The night will not be complete until we have downed a bag (or two) of kettle corn, Pac-Manned our way through a pepperoni and bacon pizza, and watched at least a couple episodes of Once Upon a Time. Then, it’s back to non-summer life, which is pretty much the crappiest and absolute best thing ever all at once. I don’t really need to expound to you fellow parents. You know how it is.

Anyway, the last couple weeks we’ve begun learnin’ about them durned computers. He (as in my 8-year-old child) is dead set and determined to start learning computer programming, thanks to hanging out with his 10-year old computer programming genius cousin.

Trying to convince him that he’s gotta crawl before he sprints has had its ups and downs. He wants to be able to take a seat and create the next addictive iPhone game… yesterday.

We’ll get there. And you all will want it and buy it and make my kid a gazillionaire, I’m sure. In the meantime, we’re working on the basics. Last week this included learning what email is and how to use it.

We signed him up for an email account, and got him all setup to start sending and receiving with his mom and me. After a crash course, I wrote down a list of different types of emails to write, who to send them to, and gave him free license to write whatever he wanted. The first person on his list? His Daddy.

I went into the other room, pulled up my own email, and sat staring at my screen, anxious to see what he might plunk out into cyberland.

Let’s just say, it was pretty much the best first email anyone has probably ever sent. It’s definitely the best first email ever received. Hahahaha.


Now, it’s off to enjoy a night of unhealthy splurges and fun with my little programer… I have a filing it will be relle fun.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing