If you took a hundred scientists
And twenty mathematicians
Then did some complex figurin’
With deductions and additions

A formula could not be found
To explain how we fit together
And how through so much thick and thin
There’s nothin’ we can’t weather

It makes no sense, to look at us
We’re all so daggum varied
From heavy to thin and short to tall
Some single and some married

Well, that’s not weird, you maybe say
And yes I think you’re right
Let’s dive into the stranger things
That give observing much more bite

Some of us have lots of money
Others barely pay the rent
Some of us dress up way too well
Others dress in circus tents

Some of us have a gazillion kids
And others haven’t had a one
We’ve got Mormons mixed with atheists
And it doesn’t affect our fun

There are some who always will be drunk
And some who’ll never touch the bottle
There are those who play with Magic Cards
And those who once were models

There are some who talk so long and loud
Others so timid with their words
There are those who panic here and there
And those who act like giant turds

Some of us I guess are popular
And others hardly known
Some of us have seen the world
Some have barely left our homes

Some of us are city dwellers
Liberal and quite wild
Others of us are quiet folk
Living suburbian lifestyles

From long-haired hippies to wannabe bikers
And heart-struck lovers to avid hikers

From tip top scholars to high school grads
Polyamorous moms and single dads

From TV marathon watchers to marathon runners
And 5K walkers to repeat Tough Mudders

I’m telling you, it makes no sense
To see us all from the outside
Yet friends we are, and good ones, too
We somehow found our stride

We sing and dance when given the chance
And we never care who’s watching
We laugh and cry and hug and sigh
Until we damn well feel like stopping

We giggle and joke and pound and poke
And our mouths are often dirty
We wrestle and chase without much grace
And sometimes get drunk flirty

We’ve dabbled in and out of love
And tried to make it somehow work
But it didn’t and we still were there
So quickly back to where we were

Weeks or months can pass for us
When we barely see each other
Then we pick up right where we left off
Like we’re sisters and we’re brothers

Yes, if you took a thousand scientists
And a hundred mathematicians
Then did some complex figurin’
With such complex algorithms

A formula would not be found
To explain how we fit together
And how with all our weirdnesses
A group of friends could not be better

To all my crazy friends in all my different circles of friends. I love you.