Friends, it’s cool. You can call me an idiot. I was one. For sure.

My brother Eric and I are suckers for all sorts of photography, including wildlife photography. There’s a certain thrill to getting just the right picture of an amazing animal out in the wild. It’s almost as if the universe aligns just long enough to make man and animal trust each other to fully appreciate each other’s beauty. Okay, that’s just ridiculous, but I wanted to sound poetic.

The real truth is that animals are often long gone before you can ever get close enough to them. This includes moose, deer, fowl, and even… bear.

I’ve gotten some great photos in the past. Here’s one of my favorites. This pelican was migrating through Utah and we spotted him near the Great Salt Lake. I caught him just as he caught us and took off out of there.


My brother and I tracked this moose up in American Fork Canyon (also here in Utah) and were able to get close enough for a purty portrait.


And even amazing smaller creatures in nature, such as this Green Anole in Hawaii who was hiding out on a plant near off the side of a hiking trail.


During our last trip to Yellowstone we spotted a black bear. And with my brother on one side of it and me on the other, we got some truly amazing photos. This bear had just climbed out of the river and headed up the hill toward us before turning around and heading back down.

Several cars had stopped at this point.

As well-behaved Yellowstoners should, they got baked out of their minds. Oh wait. That’s a different kind of Yellowstoner. Let me try again.

As well-behaved Yellowstoners should, they all stayed at a nice safe distance from the bear.

And this is where you’ll wanna call me an idiot. For sure.

And I repeat. It’s okay. I was one.

We got as close as we could for the shot of a lifetime of this bear still soaking wet from the river below.

I’d show you the shots we got, but we’re going to have a Bro-Down here on the blog and let you all vote on the photos you think are best (we’re competitive that way), so I can’t give those away just yet. But…

My brother got this photo showing you all just what an idiot I was that day.


Let it be noted, he was equally as close to this bear and was just as big an idiot that day.

But you know what? We were glorious idiots. Nobody got hurt. We got amazing photography. It was a fun thrill. And… oh, shoot. I’m supposed to say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. OR IN YELLOWSTONE. OR ANYWHERE YOU HAPPEN UPON A WILD BEAR.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing