Yesterday I woke up before 11 AM. Go me.

I made myself a healthy breakfast. Go me.

I got a bunch of work done. Go me.

I packed a gym bag. Go me.

I took the elevator down to my car. No need to cheer for me there. But let’s do it anyway. Go me.

I unlocked my car. I opened the door. And…

It was full of stuff.

Folding chairs. A giant exercise ball. A whole bunch of little items. A picture frame. I had completely forgotten it all was in there.

I loaded it all the last time I drove my car. I had to clean out an office space that didn’t work out, and it was the last of my… stuff.

That’s not a big deal. I forget I did things all the time. But this wasn’t right. How long had that stuff been in there? I thought hard before I climbed in.

I loaded all that stuff into my car eight days earlier. Eight days. More than a week before was the last time I drove my vehicle anywhere.

Have you ever just been confused at how something is possible at all? I don’t know why, but my entire drive to the gym felt like I was riding through the Twilight Zone. It made no sense.

In those eight days, I had my son for part of it.

I also met someone for a date.

I also met that same person for another date.

I also hung out with friends.

I also hung out with other friends.

I also had gone for a run.

I hung out with another friend for New Years.

I also had done a lot of other things.

It made no sense. I’m usually in my car daily. Sometimes twice daily, or more. I share the driving for our son. I go on errands. I go all over the place just to get the heck out of my house.

Yet somehow, I hadn’t driven anywhere.

Why am I even telling you all this? I have no idea. It has been WEIRDING me out.

I just kept asking myself all the way to the gym, “have I really not been in this car for an entire week?”

Something about it was disconcerting.

Was I turning agoraphobic or something? That was my first weird and random thought. I don’t know where it came from. I quickly dismissed it after thinking about all the places I had been and the people I had seen.

Was I being lazy? That was my next thought. But that certainly wasn’t the case. I actually had one of the most productive weeks of my life.

Was I just forgetting a drive… somewhere? Surely I must be. I worked through the past eight days in my mind. Then did it again. Definitely not.

I hadn’t been in that car.

Go… me?

No. Definitely not. Something about it feels so off and wrong… Like I should have noticed. Like I should have been in that car. Like I missed something important because I hadn’t been in that car.

What did I miss?

I honestly think the answer is “nothing.” And that’s just weird. Usually writing about whatever doesn’t feel right helps me solve it. Not this time. I don’t know why, but I feel like I was supposed to be in that car. For some reason, at some point, I was supposed to be in it.

Dan Pearce