Single Dad Laughing. That’s not me.

I’m Dan Pearce. Yet, few people actually know that.

After some soul searching over the holidays, this is the realization I’ve come to. I’ve greatly lost my identity ever since my SDL Facebook page got so damn big. 1.4 million now with something like 20,000 new followers every week. That’s a lot. And I’m thankful for it. So thankful.

But I don’t like being Single Dad Laughing. I never intended to be Single Dad Laughing. It was just the name I gave to a blog that I thought would come and go as fast as the six or seven blogs I started before it.

I suppose I did it to myself. From the beginning, I signed-off of each SDL blog post with “Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing.” I didn’t separate the two, but instead compounded them. I called myself Single Dad Laughing, so how could I expect anything different from others.

I’ve learned that it sucks being called a brand name.

I’m guessing at parties, Steve Jobs wasn’t introduced by people saying, “hey I’d like to introduce you to Apple.” Guy Laliberté doesn’t register for charity poker tournaments under the name “Cirque du Soleil.” Yet, so often I get introduced to new groups of people and friends as “Single Dad Laughing.”

In my soul searching, I realized that I really miss me. I miss my name. I miss my identity. I miss people knowing it was Dan Pearce who wrote whatever I wrote or created whatever I created. It wasn’t Single Dad Laughing. There is no person alive named “Single Dad Laughing.” Well, maybe there is. That’d be creepy as hell.

Single Dad Laughing. It’s the name of a blog. Now it’s the name of a popular Facebook page that shares awesome daily memes (my assistant does most of that work, by the way). It’s the label on the can, but it’s not the drink inside it.

I’ve been trying to get back to Single Dad Laughing for well over a year now, but I haven’t been able to do it. Not faithfully. Every attempt has been half-hearted. It also was never going to happen until I came to this realization.

Now… I know there’s no way to not be Single Dad Laughing to the majority of my following. It’s too branded now; it’s too labeled.

What I can do, and did do, was start a second blog that is just mine. I’m not even going to tell you what it is or how to get there. Those who care will find the links to it.

I started it because I needed a place to drop f-bombs. I needed a place to rant. I needed a place to discuss things like sex, and dating, and drinking, and poker. I needed a place to escape the pressure that I often feel having such a huge following here on Single Dad Laughing, when so many of the people I love and respect are so conservative and religious. As much as I’d like to think I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m constantly aware of how everything I post here or on Facebook will affect them all or how it will make them feel. Boiled down, I needed a place that I am not trapped in that. Can they all still read it? Sure. But that blog is just a blog. It’s not something that will probably ever be shared with those who follow SDL. Current follower count: zero. Current blog post count: two. And they’re all mine. For me. And that makes me happy.

Single Dad Laughing is still my baby. This blog is my great kumbaya. It’s my place to be positive and upbeat and share real (and sometimes heavy) things that I think will be beneficial to those also struggling or trying to understand life. There’s nothing fake about me in this blog. It’s just far from the whole picture.

I am a writer. If I’m a real writer, it means I have to have some damned integrity in everything I write. It also means that I can only write about the one side of life and the one half of my true self for so long before that integrity spreads thin and is threatened by a loss of balance.

So, why mention the new blog at all if it’s just for me? I assure you it’s not to get followers. It’s the integrity thing. If I’m going to share the cake show here, I’ve gotta share the shit show there. Or something like that.

Anyway, it’s time to be Dan Pearce again. Dan Pearce always could write and had plenty of awesome things to share on Single Dad Laughing. Single Dad Laughing didn’t because, well, “he” didn’t exist. I get that now. I know why I haven’t been able to blog.

So, do me a favor. If you comment on my Facebook links to my blog posts… Or if you message me… Or if you see me at the circus… Call me Dan. Don’t call me by the name of my blog.

Thanks. I’d really appreciate it.

Dan Pearce, Author, Writer, Blogger, Photographer, Artist.

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Dan Pearce is an American-born author, app developer, photographer, and artist. This blog, Single Dad Laughing, is what he's most known for, with more than 2 million daily subscribers as of 2017. Pearce writes mostly humorous and introspective works, as well as his musings which span from fatherhood, to dating, to life, to the people and dynamics of society. Single Dad Laughing is much more than a blog. It's an incredible community of people just being real and awesome together!