Life is good, friends. Way good.

Yeah, I’m officially single again. The universe had a weird sense of humor and decided to put up a roadblock for my girlfriend and I that was completely out of of our control. It happens. That’s all I’m ever going to say about what happened. I know, I know. Details are more fun. You’ll survive.

Anyway, this is my year of living every single day like I’ve got only one year left to live. That means I can’t sit around and mope, or feel sorry for myself, or spend a single extra second trying to control that which is completely uncontrollable. I liked a girl. A lot. She liked me. A lot. We had fun and shared something special. How can I complain about having had that in my life, even if just for a short time?

Oh, believe you me. When it first happened a few days ago, I wanted to get on this blog and declare myself a sad sack of a perpetually single man forevermore. I had terrible and sad thoughts. But then I slept long and deep, and I remembered something when I woke up.

Life is good. Way good.

Noah and I are officially moved-in! The boxes are all unpacked, the pictures are hung, and we have everything we need, plus a whole lot more.

There is plenty of food in our cupboards. We have clean water coming through our taps. There is a washing machine and drier humming in the next room. We have cozy and warm beds to sleep in. We had a roof over our heads to protect us from last night’s rain storm. I’ve got all the tools and services I need to make a living. Noah and I both have so many friends and family members who love us. We’re surrounded by a fantastic sub-culture and never-ending friendly people. We have a reliable vehicle that can take us wherever we want to go. And, hey… Most importantly, our hearts are still thumping away inside our chests.

So am I going to complain that the universe dealt me one crappy card when it’s been dealing me so many good ones? No. Not even a little.

Life is good, friends. Way good.

Our new place is exactly what we needed. Noah said it best when we had finally finished with the last of the moving and unpacking. He said, “Dad, this actually feels like home.”

That hit me hard. He was so right. The last place we lived in for the last couple years just never felt like home. It was so difficult to ever get into the groove of anything there. Our new place feels like it’s exactly where we’re supposed to be right now.

Anyway, got lots of places to go and people to see. #365DaysToLive and all that jazz.

Everyone make sure you have the best of weekends!

Dan Pearce | Single Dad Laughing