It Seems the World’s Been Waiting for the Bed My Dad Invented

Here’s a fun little fact I haven’t talked about since it first took off. My dad and his brother are the ones who invented the Purple mattress.

The Purple Mattress

I’m sure you know it by now. The hilarious video they first made for it went mega-viral, and has been viewed something like 60 million times…

I’m pretty sure it’s the world’s fastest growing new mattress company, or something like that. It seems the whole world has been waiting for a new bed that can do what only the Purple mattress does. Once word got out, they haven’t been able to keep up with orders.

It’s kind of surreal, being the son of the inventor of what will likely be the most popular mattress throughout the entire world.

You all love it, sure. But do you know what’s weird about this to me? I’ve been around this technology for decades now.

I worked as a custodian in my Dad’s shop twenty-some-odd years ago as a teenager, and part of my job was cleaning up the mess that came with their experiments.

My dad believed in his product then as much as he believes in it now. I remember seeing him and his brother extrude single columns of the gel and spending weeks trying to figure out how to fuse them together. You see, manufacturing this stuff has never been easy. In fact, I don’t know how they never gave up trying.

Decades. That’s how long he’s been trying to make Purple come to be.

My dad taught me a lot of things in my life. Perseverance as a small-business owner is one of them. Never giving up on a dream is another. I’ve watched him sacrifice dang near everything more times than I can count. Almost any other person would have given up on such a venture long, long before. But not my dad. He and his brother worked. They sacrificed. They went belly-up plenty of times along the way. They worked some more. They sacrificed some more. They never gave up.

They never gave up.

And they finally achieved it. They finally figured out how to manufacture it at a price almost anyone can afford.

It’s weird. Surreal even. They’re probably going to eventually be billionaires or some ridiculous thing like that.

Yep. They did it.

They never gave up.

And, I’m pretty dang proud of them both.

When you believe in something, go for it. Then keep going. Keep working. Keep trying. Keep risking. Keep believing.

It just might pay off big one day.

I’ve believed in these Purple Beds for far longer than any of you even knew the technology existed.

I will honestly tell you that it is by far the most incredible surface a human body can sleep on. It really is firm as a hard coil mattress and soft as a feather bed all at the same time. You just have to experience it to believe it.

Don’t get me wrong. There are downsides.

First, even the best hotel beds just kind of suck after you get a Purple mattress.

Second, Purple beds are heavy, which means you can’t pack it in your suitcase when you travel.

But the upsides… Oh, the upsides. Holy guacamole, there are SO many upsides to this bed.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the Purple mattress for yourself. They’ll ship it to your door and then give you a full refund if you aren’t beyond impressed.

Anyway, that’s probably enough blabbing about it all. I’ll tell you one funny thing before I let you go, which should show you just how much I personally believe in Purple.

When I recently moved to our new apartment, I decided to make the switch from queen size back to king size. I’m just a big dude and wanted the elbow room.

I asked my dad if I could get a family discount on a Purple mattress.

“Nope!” he immediately replied. “You gotta pay full-price.”

Now, that may seem like a turd-thing to do, but it wasn’t. They were backed-up something like 7 weeks on mattress orders, and they were telling every family member and friend that they would have to wait a while if they wanted any sort of hookups.

But, I couldn’t wait. I refused to wait.

I paid full-price like everyone else.

And I haven’t regretted it for a single second.

Good job, Pops. You got my cold-hard cash. I hope the whole world is sleeping on your beds very soon.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog

PS. If you are interested in the Purple bed (and why wouldn’t you be), you can check-it out in all its glory right here.

PPS. Can you spot yours truly in this photo? This was from a recent tour my dad gave our family of the Purple factory.