To Lose A Dog & Gain Another

I’m going to start off this post by telling anyone who is going to tell me off for “getting rid of my dog” to go ahead and stick your head in a hole full of wasps, and don’t come out again until I tell you it’s okay. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s self-righteous internet animal lovers. Anyway…

You all knew Yeti, at least a little bit from posts here and there. I really loved that dog.

But the Yeti situation was complicated. We rescued him from a bad situation, and his immune system was super weak on top of severe colitis. After two months and a couple thousand bucks trying to get him healthy, the vet told us as long as we’re living in an apartment complex with so many other dogs, Yeti would probably never be healthy. In the end, it got so bad that we had no real choice but to find him another home. And so we did, which, thankfully, was a home where we’d get to both see him from time to time.

Yeti and I grew a special bond because he was almost always so sick. He didn’t have a whole lot of energy a lot of the time, and instead preferred to snuggle and be comforted. He would always lay across my legs, looking at me with those eyes that said, “I just need to know I’ll be okay because I’m hurting right now.”

It’s actually been a month or so since we did a test run at this other house and decided to leave him there. His health immediately improved, and within no time at all he was a happy, healthy dog. The vet was right.

It’s been a month of genuine sadness for me, and my loneliness really began to escalate without another living soul at home with me a good chunk of the time.

The holidays approaching… They’ll do that to you.

To lose a dog that you love… It just hurts.

And it’s really not a good combination to have both happen at the same time. But that’s life. You do your best with what you’re given, and you just sometimes have to wait for today’s headlines to line tomorrow’s waste bins.

Anyway, my sister adopted a 6-month-old Great Dane pup, right around the time I lost my Yeti dog. I fell in love with him so much that when a young 11-month-old Great Dane showed up in the local classifieds, we drove the three hours to meet her, fell in love, and adopted her right then and there.

Meet Luna.

I’m already so in love with her.

Loneliness gone.

I haven’t even weighed her, yet. I’m guessing she clocks in at about 80 LBS right now, with another 40 to go.

She’s a typical Great Dane. Stubborn. Acts stupid when she doesn’t want to do something. A little slobbery.

Her poops are ginormous, which isn’t all that fun since I’m a city dweller and have to pick them up by hand within seconds of her making them.

She does the Great Dane dead weight thing when she *really* doesn’t want to do something. It’s so annoying but I laugh like crazy every time.

She sleeps most of the day away, which is why Danes make such great apartment dogs.

And she’s just full of love.

She’s a big whiny baby when she feels neglected.

She can just sense when I’m stressing and she comes and just plops her head onto my leg.

When I’m watching TV she comes and gives me the best Luna hugs by stretching her head up and resting her face and neck against my chest while I sit there.

She’s taken over one of my couches, which I’ve just decided is officially the Luna couch. And she’s a flopper.

Yeah, Luna is a keeper. And she couldn’t have come at a better time.

Oh, and you people who put your head in holes full of wasps, I didn’t say you could take them out yet…

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog

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