Labor Day is behind us. Summer is finally over. The days are going to get shorter for a while, and we aren’t that far away from cold, drab, blah days.

What better time to start a new life challenge and actually stick to it?!

In the past, I attempted to do a one year, 365 day challenge. I didn’t last too long with it. While beautiful in concept, a full year is just too long a goal to stay committed to. It was too much for me, anyway. That’s why this time around I’m doing it my way. Thirty days. I can commit to thirty days.

Bleh. I have had a hell of a last many months. So far 2019 can suck a big fat goose egg. Leading up to this exact moment, I’m feeling a bit lost, a bit overwhelmed, and way too stressed. I have stopped doing so many of the things I love doing and I’ve replaced those things with many of the things I definitely don’t love doing: worrying, stressing, and working too much.

In my experience, it is not an entire year of pre-planned awesomeness that I need… It is a few right decisions followed by a few more right decisions to jumpstart me. I can do that in a few weeks flat, and it should be enough to carry me forward into sheer and utter amazingness.


If you’re in need of your own launch in the right direction, let’s all use the hashtag #30DayLifeLaunch in our social posts, and let’s spend 30 days together jumpstarting all sorts of good things. Let’s tell each other what we’re doing. Let’s be proactive and get back on track where we want to be heading into the end of the year.

What will this challenge look like for me? I have some ideas and other things I’ll do as they develop. I don’t actually know fully what I plan to do with this. What I do know is this…

I can feel what is missing inside of me. The reason I can feel it is because I know what it feels like to have it there. When a piece of me is gone, there’s a hole in my being that can’t be satisfied with anything else. I’ve got too many holes right now.

Tomorrow will be Day One of my #30DayLifeLaunch challenge. I’ll be sharing the entire 30 day journey with all of you and I hope you’ll share yours with me every day as well (in the comments).

For my day one, I will be listing out all the parts of me and my happiness equation that I know are currently missing, and I’ll map out a plan to get them back. That will be tomorrow. I want to put some real thought into it.

Yes. #30DayLifeLaunch. It’s time. I’m way too awesome to be in such a rut. You’re way too awesome to be in such a rut. Let’s launch ourselves out of our ruts and be as awesome as we can be. Are you with me?

I’m excited. Let’s do it together.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog