I couldn’t avoid it… The to-do list…

Day 3 of the #30DayLifeLaunch challenge wasn’t about diets or eating better. It wasn’t about getting my workouts going. It wasn’t about good sleep. It wasn’t about doing the things I love doing but haven’t been.

Nope. I was going to tackle, and all in one day, my project to-do list.

I have had these to-dos stacking up higher and higher over the months, and there is no doubt that their looming need has cast an ever-darkening shadow on my days. I’ve realized that it’s a shitty feeling to go to bed every night knowing that I still haven’t done things that need to be done, and so I decided the first thing I had to do was get on top of those. If I could do that, then I can start working on maneuvering the other parts of my life into the right directions.

Task #1: Assemble and hang the cabinets that I bought six months ago. Completing this task was all fun and games until one of them fell and landed on my bare foot, breaking the skin and leaving my foot bones screaming bloody murder at me. But, hey. I got them hung.

Task #2: Replace a broken light switch. This light switch just up and stopped working a couple months ago, leaving half my kitchen in darkness. I bought a replacement within 24 hours, and it’s been sitting in the package on my desk ever since. It took all of four minutes to fix. Wow, did I feel silly for taking so long.

Task #3: Hang the automatic paper towel dispenser in the bathroom. This is something that I purchased five months ago. It took me five months to spend the fifteen minutes it took to hang the thing up. Then another ten hours (or so it seemed) to figure out how to load paper towels into the damned thing, but hey. I got there in the end.

Task #4: Assemble new storage shelves and organize the crap that has been building-up in my extra room. I have this  room where I store certain things that I use often, but everything has just been kind of tossed in there over the last year and a half. I finally ordered some shelves and got the entire room more utilizable.

Task #5: Frame the art prints and hang them. I’ve had these two black frames sitting in an Amazon box next to my front door for more than six weeks, ready to hang some art for my basement. Here’s what’s even more ridiculous… Sometimes when guests came over, or someone was coming to look at the house, I would put the box back on the front porch just so that it looked like it got there that day. Don’t judge. Okay, judge a little. It’s cool. I did get the art framed and hung though.

Task #6: Clean out the elevator. First of all, yes, I have an elevator in my house. I didn’t even know I had an elevator when I bought the house, but apparently the couple who built it couldn’t do stairs and so they installed a legit elevator to take them up and down. This is all great, and mysterious, and fun, but the entire elevator was just filled to the ceiling with all sorts of random crap that I kept sticking inside to give the appearance of a clean home when I was in a pinch. The elevator is now empty and ready for any and all old people who want to come use it.

Task #7: Make a batch of homemade Greek yogurt. I bought all the ingredients and jars to do it like five days ago, but haven’t gotten around to it. Well, I didn’t get around to it this time, either. The project remains undone and I am stuck with boring old store-bought yogurt for now.

Task #8: Enjoy an ice cold beer at the end of a long, sweaty day. I don’t generally drink non-socially, but last night after I wiped a ton of stuff off my list, I just felt like tipping back a cold one. So I did. And it was absolute heaven going down. There’s just something about hard work that makes beer taste so much better.

So, yeah. Day three. Done. I powered through all things on my list except that one (and which included lots more little overdue tasks, too). I can easily do the yogurt today, but yesterday was an important day to me in this #30DayLifeLaunch challenge. It was a day of mental liberation because now that those tasks are done and crossed off, I can actually do things for myself and my happiness without feeling like I’m neglecting the to-do list that has been lurking in the back of my mind for so long.

Off to make some yogurt, now!

Just three days into this challenge and all I’ve done is journaled, relaxed, and finished a bunch of projects, but I’m already feeling twenty times more motivated in life. Yes, I think this 30 day challenge is just what the doctor ordered.

Dan Pearce | The Single Dad Laughing Blog