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For the Love of Words

Dropping those Bad, Bad, Words With My Kid (Monday’s Random Ramblings)

Yesterday I was driving with my kid and dropped an f-bomb. I didn't do it by accident. It was a very purposeful f-bomb, followed by more purposeful f-bombs, all to make sure he remembered what I was trying to teach him.

Definition of “Stromonal”

Because sometimes it's fun to make up new words and then make stupidly awesome graphics that people can pass around so that everyone starts using them!

Your Certainly Write About That Won

Today I wanted to torture your brains a bit, which meant torturing mine first. Contest time. How fast can you translate these paragraphs into legible English?

I Need a New Word to Be Invented for These Emotions

Emotions. I'm having lots of them right now. And I'm not liking them. But I am at the same time. And I'm definitely not. I need a word for whatever this is...

Silencing the Acerebral Cretin

I despise adult bullies and name-callers. I recently grew so agitated with one such person that I shut him up by burying him with words he wouldn't understand...

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Why I Need to Bail for a While

Hey everyone, you won't be seeing new Single Dad Laughing blog posts for a little while. This is why... And, thanks for always giving me so much continued support.

Why I LOVE People