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Narratives & Stories

The Beggar At My Car Window Who Refused to Take My Money

A beggar scared the living daylight out of me when he knocked at my car window to ask for money at a time when my life was a real struggle. He then refused to take my money before leaving me with with advice that was exactly what I needed to hear.

The Pretty Belgian Woman Who Convinced Me Just How Bad Dating Has Become

I was in Belgium when a beautiful woman told me how wrong we Americans are getting it with the way we go about dating. And I had to admit. She had a valid point.

When Karma Made Me Pay $51 to My Kid For Trying to Dupe Him

This is the story of how I just tried to dupe my kid in the name of teaching him a valuable lesson, and instead karma got me good. Karma got me $51 good...

Yet Another (Ahem) Epic First Date

woman with credit card and spending problems
Not every first date is a winner, but this one was... A convicted felon fresh out of prison, a crazy gold digger, and apparently running from a loan shark who wanted to hurt her...

An Overly Nerve-Wracking Let-My-Kid-Grow-Up Moment

It's not easy letting my kid go do grown-up things.
My child is at the age where I *have* to start letting him grow up and do things that scare me as a parent. Today was one of the most nerve-wracking yet...

Strange Things Are Seen in the City

dan pearce night run
You all know I love sharing the weirdness I see in the city. This time what happened wasn't weirdness, as much as it was... I don't know... creepy weirdness?

Epic People Watching: The Couple at the Dumpster

Couple at Dumpster Peope Watching
During vicious winter weather, I finally dared take my trash out. The scene I found when I got to the dumpster was beyond bizarre. And frankly, hilarious.

I Was Supposed to Be In That Car

Should Have Been in That Car
Ever since yesterday I have been really weirded out by one thought... I was supposed to be in that car.

Beware the Wrath of This Dad

wrath dad fist bump
I was at the park playing catch with my son when four masked teenagers suddenly appeared, all carrying guns. They learned quick that you don't terrorize my kid.

Taking My Seat at The World Series of Poker

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY: This is the whole story of sitting down with the world's best poker players and seeing what I could do...

#FindMyself60 Challenge – Day 48: A Dream Realized

As part of my personal 60-day challenge of finding myself, I decided to do something for me, take a risk, and compete against some of the world's best poker players...

From Epic to Disastrous in Four Minutes Flat

So, this recently happened. This is the story of the time I took my son exploring with my family and an incredibly epic situation turned bad in a hurry...

The Weirdest Car Accident I’ve Ever Witnessed

The other night, I witnessed the weirdest car accident I’ve ever seen. I’m still completely baffled by it, and I have some weird theories about what happened.

My Own Terrible Tale of Men, Women, and Bathroom Mixing

This is the *unfortunately* but *oh so fortunately* true story of the only time in my life when I was greatly affected by men and women sharing bathrooms...

I Aren’t the Brightest Crayon in the Box

Well, this is embarrassing! Last night my family threw me a big surprise celebration and even to the end of it, I had NO IDEA that it was a celebration for me...

My Cat is Hunting My Nipple

I'm not quite sure *how* to handle this situation. Our cat has become obsessed with my nipple to the point that she has started hunting the dang thing...

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