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Why I LOVE People

The Beggar At My Car Window Who Refused to Take My Money

A beggar scared the living daylight out of me when he knocked at my car window to ask for money at a time when my life was a real struggle. He then refused to take my money before leaving me with with advice that was exactly what I needed to hear.

Why I LOVE People – the Mother in Need

One of my readers sent this to me, a message in the aftermath of all of you doing amazing things for each other. SO awesome!

Nobody Knows You Did It…

I asked you all to tell me something amazing you've done for someone else. Something that NOBODY knows you did. These are 24 of your beautiful responses.

Why I LOVE People: The Blind Man & the Deaf Man

Danielle (a movie attendant) shares the short heart-warming story of a blind and a deaf man who loved to go to the movies together.

Why I Love People: The Old Man in the Parking Lot

When a large pick-up truck almost ran over an old man, he taught this single mom and her daughter a lesson she'd never forget.

Why I LOVE People – The Old Man on the Freeway

When no one else would stop on the freeway, one old man did just that and then some.

Why I LOVE People – The Bullied Old Man

A teenage bully knocked an old man's drink out of his hand as he sat next to his wife. I wanted to kill him. The old man took matters into his own hands.

The Girl with the Many Bracelets

A young woman with bracelets, funky clothes, and bold makeup sat down on the plane. What she did next was beyond surprising.

Why I LOVE People: The Weirdo on the Bus

A really gross looking guy got on the bus, he was a real weirdo and everyone pre-judged him. Then he surprised us all.

Why I LOVE People

When one mom found herself in a situation where all she could do is cry, her own mom did the impossible...

Why I LOVE People

Yet another one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

Why I LOVE People

Yet another one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

Why I LOVE People

Yet another one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

Why I LOVE People

This is just one of the many reasons I LOVE people.

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