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“Dear Dan, what do you feel like you discovered before the rest of the world did?”


DAN’S ANSWER: I am quite certain that I discovered a few things that were amazing before the general population discovered them, too. Well, STOP IT. Those are MY things, not yours.

Haha. It used to irk me because it’s kind of fun believing in someone or something before the entire rest of the world does, but at the same time I love when something I loves gets the love from the entire world that it deserves.

1) I discovered Barbara Streisand’s Yentl soundtrack before the rest of you. When I was three-years-old I could sing every word. Okay, that’s a lie. But for real. How am I the only one of my friends that can sing along with this soundtrack front to back? I even have a lot of friends who are a lot more gay than I am. I’m not even religious and I love it. I have never seen a single other Barbara Streisand movie and I love it.

Oh… Wait. Are you waiting for me to say “just kidding?” Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

2) I discovered the joy of photography before the rest of you. I mean, obviously I didn’t discover photography before my fellow professional photographers did, but I discovered it when photography equipment cost an arm and a leg, was more primitive (the camera didn’t do all the work), and not every Tom, Dick, and Sally had a $700 Costco special with a website claiming to be a professional photographer.

Is my ego creeping in? Maybe. Should it? Hell yeah, it should. I took eight years of photography courses and invested a lot into my equipment. And if I could be a codger about anything, it’s going to be about that.

Then again, I haven’t even… ummm…. used my professional equipment in quite some time, so… shoot. I no longer get to whine and complain about this one, do I?

3) All passive aggressive joking aside, there is one thing I know that I discovered before the majority of you did…

Al pastor tacos.

Don’t argue with me on this. Before they became super trendy, I lived in Mexico for a while and I spent just about every penny I had on al pastor tacos from street vendors. Did I have to run for the bathroom often? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

When I moved back home, I spent years looking for any al pastor tacos that were actually cooked and marinated the same way as the tacos I would eat in Mexico. I never found the real deal until a few years ago. That restaurant also took every spare penny from me.

Now, with the glorious food truck movement, genuine al pastor tacos are easier to find and everyone is falling in love with them. I’m okay with that.

~ Dan Pearce | Single Dad Laughing

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